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Carbo One Ltd is one of the largest coal trading companies in the world with annual sales of more than 40 million tonnes. Being customer-oriented company Carbo One combines a solid business framework with a proven image. High standards of remarkable performance allow the company not only to withstand competition, but also to set the pace on the market. As a reliable supplier of high quality products and services the company has relationship with customers from all over the world.


September 3-5, 2015. Tokyo. C1 participated in Coaltrans.

July 17, 2015 in the Cyprus office of Carbo One the negotiations with participation of Commercial Director of UMMC Holding Mr. I.Kudryashkin, General Director of CC Kuzbassrazrezugol Mr. I.Moskalenko and Directors of Carbo One - Mrs. K.Christou and Mrs. E.Kozelskaya were held. The subject of the negotiations was to determine the contract price of coal for the second half of 2015.