Carbo One at The International Coal, Coke & Carbon Forum

November 14, 2018

Vienna, Austria, November 14, 2018

Carbo One Limited co-sponsored The International Coal, Coke & Carbon Forum (ICCCF), which was held this year in Vienna. The forum is one of the most important events for the global coal industry, bringing together senior executives, representing the major coal buying companies, international traders, coal exporting producers and shipping companies. In 1993 the Carbon Forum meeting was launched in Hong Kong and since that time has been held annually in various locations around the world. Originally called the Carbon Club, it was renamed as the International Coal, Coke & Carbon Forum in 2003 to fully comply with anti-trust laws and reflect the new meetings structure and attendees of the forum.

Within the forum participants from all over the globe enjoy the exclusive opportunity to share comprehensive market updates and their vision on the most urgent and pressing issues facing the industry nowadays and in the long term. Carbon Forum provides the unique atmosphere of the event, where participants can frankly discuss current and future trends in the global coal market, its prospects and challenges. All this contributes to the formation of a trustful and insightful dialogue, promoting the development of very strong relationships between buyers and sellers.

“The friendly environment along with the highest level of the event, where it is great to see time-tested partners and colleagues whilst sharing straightforward views and key insights on a number of substantial issues – these are the distinctive features of Carbon Forum, where you want to return again and again”, said Alexey Danilov, the Director of Carbo One.