Carbo One at the Fifth Coaltrans Middle East in Cairo

March 18, 2019

Cairo, Egypt, March 18, 2019

Carbo One Limited joined the Coaltrans Middle East conference in Cairo as a platinum sponsor of the event, which started today, gathering international high-profile coal buyers, sellers and shippers seeking new business while discussing the regional boom.

The Fifth Coaltrans Middle East is being held in Cairo, Egypt on March 18-19, reflecting Egypt’s lead in rapidly expanding cement production and with the support of The Egyptian Cement Association and its chairman, Medhat Stefanos. Cement makers attending the Cairo conference include Arabian Cement Egypt, Asec Minya Cement, Egyptian Cement Association, MEBPC, Nahada Cement, Titan Cement, and Wadi El Nile Cement.

Carbo One, the world’s third-largest coal trader, sponsors Coaltrans Middle East to encourage discussion and transparency as the MENA and Gulf regions embrace coal as a key plank of energy policy and sustainability.

The International Energy Authority’s Clean Coal division reported in September last year that the Middle East is leading by example by building viable, clean coal power generation, which matches gas as a low-cost and swift-build means of increasing power supply.

UAE and Egypt are leading the way with clean coal plants under construction, which will form medium to long-term key parts of the energy mix in those countries, Carbo One expects.