Statement on transparency of Carbo One’s transactions at Swedbank

March 28, 2019

In continuation of coverage of the situation with mention of Carbo One Ltd in media with a negative context, we responsibly declare that most of the company’s transactions at Swedbank are officially recognized by independent journalists and experts as transactions in the ordinary course of business without any risk. Information is available from open media sources. At the same time, we insist that all transactions of the company are transparent and made within the framework of normal economic activity.

We emphasize that the company has never carried out money laundering and legalization of funds and will never carry them out in future, as it contradicts the good name of Carbo One Ltd, its principles and policies. At the same time, we responsibly declare that the reason of publications in mass media is not in transactions of Carbo One Ltd at all, but is unfair competition from its competitors at coal market.

Carbo One Ltd has been recognized at the coal market cause it provides consumers with high quality coal, carefully selecting only the coal that really meets the highest requirements and standards. Having no opportunity to be compared to Carbo One Ltd in fair competitive struggle, increasing quality of delivered goods, our competitors think up shameless and dirty ways to discredit the honest name of Carbo One Ltd.

“A dishonest person will never achieve success on his own, preferring to denigrate the success of another than to work on the result. Everyone wants to be the first, the question is whether the first will allow you” – (c)Winston Churchill.

Despite efforts of unfair competition, the name of Carbo One Ltd is indestructible, we are ready to protect it by all available legal means.