Carbo One sponsored the 30th Student Theatre Competition in Cyprus

May 07, 2019

Nicosia, Cyprus, May 7, 2019

Carbo One Ltd took part in the award ceremony of the 30th Student Theatre Competition as the main sponsor of the event, organized by Cyprus Theatre Organization (THOC) and the Ministry of Education & Culture of Cyprus.
The award ceremony of the schools who were distinguished at the 30th Pancyprian School Theatre Games took place on May 7th, at THOC Main Stage, Evi Gavrielidis in Nicosia.
This year’s competition saw around 1,200 performances by 65 theatre groups, involving 24,000 school students and 6,000 teachers. Some 27 groups were awarded prizes at the ceremony.

The winners of the First Prizes in each category performed extracts from their plays, which received warm applause from the audience. In his address, Education & Culture Minister Kostas Champiaouris told the gathering that that the primary objective of the competition is the cultivation of the students’ intellect through their involvement with the theatre.

Mrs. Katerina Christou, member of the Board of Carbo One Ltd, delivered a speech and underlined that Carbo One Ltd, one of the world’s largest coal suppliers, as a global company with global reach and presence cannot fail to understand the importance of cooperation and noble competition, values that were demonstrated on the theater stage. Carbo One, being a multinational company, appreciates and shares the beauty of diversity and culture of different countries and nations.

The top prize, marking the 30th anniversary of the competition, and provided by Carbo One Ltd, was a three-day trip for the winning Junior High and Senior High School groups to the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus in Greece to attend a performance of the THOC/National Theatre of Greece production of Euripides’ “The Suppliants”, directed by Stathis Lavanthinos.

Mrs. Katerina Christou, on behalf of Carbo One Ltd, wished all the students to continue with the same passion and love in their lives to engage in the arts and contributing to the culture of Cyprus.

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