Carbo One and Cyprus National Olympic Committee hold press conference at the Olympic House in Nicosia (video)

August 01, 2019

During the press conference at the Olympic House in Nicosia, the Cyprus National Olympic Committee (NOC) announced that Carbo One Limited joined the Olympic sponsorship family of Cyprus as the Major Sponsor and also took part in the separate sponsorship program of the Cyprus NOC, titled “Adopt an Athlete on the Way to Tokyo 2020”. Through this program, the NOC hopes to create a wide range of support from companies, organizations, institutions and individuals of the country towards the athletes of the pre-Olympic team, further assisting them in the great effort they make for the best representation of Cyprus in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. Carbo One adopted the gymnastics team of Cyprus, namely the athletes Marios Georgiou, Ilias Georgiou, Tom Nicolaou and Victoria Skittides.