Carbo One: Katerina Christou gives interview to Sigma TV Channel

August 03, 2019

Limassol, Cyprus, August 3, 2019

Katerina Christou, director of Carbo One, was interviewed by Marina Hadjicosta on Sigma TV, where she answered the questions about the current situation on the world coal markets, the plans and challenges of the company and about the main exports destinations of Carbo One’s coal deliveries.

The special attention was paid to discussing Carbo One’s social responsibility, supporting local communities and its global social and charity initiatives. “Carbo One, being a socially responsible company, has historically provided sponsorship for initiatives in such crucial issues of the modern world as environmental protection, development of sports and strengthening the health of the nation, which serves as the basis for the development of a harmonious society both in Cyprus and throughout the world”, said Katerina Christou.

Watch full interview on YouTube.

Carbo One is the Major Sponsor of the Cyprus Olympic Committee and a participant of the global initiative “Adopt an Athlete on the way to Olympics”. As part of this initiative, Carbo One is sponsoring the Cyprus gymnastics team, helping the team to prepare for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. «We consider it as an extremely important and noble mission to help young athletes so that their dreams come true, presenting a worthy example for other young boys and girls, who are the future both of the country and our planet».

In addition, Katerina Christou spoke about the Carbo One Cup Tennis Europe Junior U12, which has been held for the second year in a row in Cyprus, as well as about other sponsorship initiatives of the company in the field of culture, sports and healthcare.
Marina Hadjicosta asked Katerina Christou also to provide some insight on the responsibility of Carbo One to its employees.

According to Katerina Christou, “сorporate social responsibility is a standard business practice for Carbo One. The Company will make the highest possible commitment to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of the employees as a priority issue. Being committed to corporate social responsibility means respecting and enhancing the overall reputation inside and outside the company. This means having policies and procedures that integrate social, environmental, ethical and human rights into business operations and core strategy. For Carbo One, the overall goal is to achieve a positive impact on society as a whole while maximizing overall value for business owners, its employees, shareholders and stakeholders. And definitely I’m proud to be a part of the Carbo One team”.