Carbo One and OBA Bulk Terminal hold a meeting in Limassol

August 20, 2019

Carbo One Limited, one of the largest coal trading companies in the world, held a meeting with the management of OBA Bulk Terminal (Amsterdam) at C1 headquarters in Cyprus (Limassol).

Carbo One and OBA Bulk Terminal have a long and successful history of fruitful partnership since 2003. About 25 million tons of Carbo One’s coal were handled at the terminal over almost 16 years of intensive cooperation. Currently, OBA Terminal provides high-tech handling of Carbo One’s metallurgical material and anthracite under long-term contracts to such global steelmaking giants as ThyssenKrupp and Dillinger, as well as handles thermal coal for delivery to power plants in Western Europe.

During the meeting, the companies summarized the current issues of joint work in 2019, as well as outlined plans for further cooperation in 2020-2021. The companies paid special attention to the technological improvement of anthracite handling, using new highly advanced coal screening equipment, which provides simultaneous separation of coal into 3 fractions (0-1 mm, 1-13 mm, 13+ mm) to meet the requirements of Carbo One customers. Besides indoor warehouses for storing anthracite have been commissioned in June 2019 at the terminal to prevent infiltration of moisture and enhance value of Carbo One’s material.

Download presentation: Carbo One and OBA long term partnership

OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam is a leading terminal in Western Europe specialized in handling, storage and processing of dry bulk commodities. Since the start in 1954, OBA has built an outstanding track record in providing high quality service to customers in various industries.

The multipurpose terminal is strategically located in the Port of Amsterdam and has excellent sea, river, rail and road connections to the European hinterland. With a customer-focused service portfolio, which includes handling, indoor & outdoor storage and value-added processing activities, OBA can handle an annual volume of up to 22 million tons of various dry bulk commodities. OBA offers multiple value-added services such as screening, blending and washing.

OBA is certified for ISO 9001 Quality management (including the BLu (Bulk Loading and Unloading) code), ISO 14001 Environmental management, GMP+ B1 Feed (production, trade and services of feedproducts) and ISPS (International Ship and Port facility Security) Code.

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