Carbo One CEO Mr. Alexey Danilov makes presentation at World Coal Leaders Network 2019 in Lisbon

October 21, 2019

Lisbon, Portugal, October 21, 2019

Carbo One CEO Mr. Alexey Danilov made a presentation “Transformation of coal business: new trends and implications” at the World Coal Leaders Network 2019 in Lisbon. In his speech, Alexey Danilov dwelt upon a broad scope of questions, including current trend on the global coal market, new challenges for world coal exports and changes in coal trading.

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For many years, Carbo One has traditionally been the Lead Sponsor of this prime event for the global coal industry. Coaltrans World Coal Leaders Network has been and remains a unique platform for business meetings, sharing experience and insights with colleagues from across the entire world coal supply chain. It is a great venue offering case studies, innovative solutions and industry forecasts with excellent networking opportunities.

This year the event gathered over 350 guests with a quarter of attendees representing end-users, including power plants, steel and cement producers.

The delegates discussed and shared their vision on current state of the global market, short- and long-term prospects of the industry and ways of building a sustainable future for coal generation.

Watch Carbo One at World Coal Leaders Network 2019 in Lisbon video on Carbo One YouTube channel.

“To sum up, we are positively looking into the future of the global coal market, as so far it is not possible to rely only on renewables. Modern technologies simply cannot ensure it. However, responding to the modern challenges we are positively looking at the possibility of joining the renewables energy market such as wood pellets, wind and solar energy.

We plan to become more on the ecology side by targeting at sales of high-quality, low-emission coal. We are also planning to rebrand the company name to reflect our devotedness to ecology,” said Alexey Danilov.

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