Carbo One supports Government of Cyprus amid COVID-19 global pandemic

April 07, 2020

Carbo One Limited has sponsored the Government of Cyprus by supporting National initiatives to prevent the spread of coronavirus and provide social, economic, medical and psychological assistance to the local population.

Being a socially responsible company, we are confident that the role of private business, amid covid-19 pandemic and the global crisis, should first of all mean that we must do everything possible together with the Government of Cyprus, so that the country’s citizens have the opportunity to go with minimal losses through the hard times for the whole world. Joining together, we can confront all the challenges and threats that we are currently facing.

We are confident that the Government of Cyprus has all the necessary tools to contain the negative consequences of the current epidemiological and economic situation and we hope that the sponsorship mission of the country’s private business will contribute to supporting governmental initiatives, aimed at protecting local communities.

Carbo One Limited, being a socially responsible company, actively supports charity, ecological, cultural and sporting initiatives around the globe and clearly recognizes the crucial importance of participating in events aimed at developing a harmonious and healthy society in the modern world.

we must do everything possible together