Our customers are used to taking advantage of high quality products and services. Although the high standards of the company's performance are taken for granted, constant and hard work stands behind. When it comes to shaping its commercial policy Carbo One rests on advanced production technologies as well as strict quality control throughout both its production and transportation. All coal sold by the company has been previously treated in screening and crushing facilities at open pit mines and in loadports. Modern washing plants, day-to-day quality inspection and supervision add to perfect original quality characteristics.

Carbo One is a flexible company. Due to the convenient location of the coal producing area, the company has an opportunity to deliver its coal via different ports situated both in Europe and in Asia. Bearing in mind the market situation, the company can choose between markets in the Atlantics and in the Asia-Pacific region.

Carbo One always sticks to its contract obligations under any market conditions. The reliability of the company has been tried and tested in different times. Whatever happens our customers can fully rely on high quality products and perfect services being supplied on time.