Dear Colleagues and Partners,

Carbo One Limited is one of the largest coal trading companies in the market and the nature of its business requires interaction with officials of various governments around the world. The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of the Company, the law and the present Anti-Bribery and Fraud Protection Policy establish certain limits on those interactions, particularly where we might be providing something of value to a government official.

The present Policy applies to all employees of Carbo One Limited and its world-wide subsidiaries, including directors and agents, independent of the country of their citizenship. Carbo One Limited will provide the necessary controls and procedures to raise awareness of, identify, detect and prevent fraud and bribery and establish a culture in which these procedures and team member behavior work together.

The Policy focuses on compliance with all applicable anti-corruption laws, including the federal, state and local laws of each country in which the Company operates.

A copy of this policy will be made available to all employees and counterparties upon the request.

Carbo One Limited, 2015

Download full version: P3. Аnti Bribery and Fraud Protection (2015)