Dear Colleagues and Partners,

The contemporary world has a tendency to increase the role of energy resources in the reproduction of the total world product and in the transition of the world community towards the sustainable development. In this realities Carbo One Limited as one of the largest coal trading companies in the world with annual sales of about 30 million tons meets the needs of the modern world, offering all coal grades and qualities and delivering them to Europe, Mediterranean, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America.

In addition to high-quality coal that Carbo One Limited offers to its customers, the main honor of the Company is a reputation that has been enhanced and safeguarded over the years.

Our business is built on the trust of our customers and transparency. Acting with integrity is about more than our Company’s image and reputation, or avoiding legal issues. This is the wise business policy: acting honestly and treating each other and our customers, partners, suppliers and consumers fairly, with dignity.

With this in mind, we have developed and implemented this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics – a body of standards and rules for the individual and collective behavior of all Carbo One Limited employees without exception.

The Code of Business Conduct is our guide to appropriate conduct as a team of professionals. Together with other Company policies we have set standards to create an inspiring working atmosphere that allows not only employees but the Partners also to feel that the main purpose of the Company is to continue to deserve the trust that everyone has in us.

We are confident that all Carbo One Limited employees, regardless of their profession, position, or place of work, will adhere to and abide by the provisions of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

A copy of this policy will be made available to all employees and counter-parties upon the request.

Carbo One Limited, 2015

Download full version: P4. Business Conduct & Ethics (2015)